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Demo capabilities


Tau has an extensive showroom in which different products of the various brands can be experienced. Some examples of the demo capabilities:

  • The showroom has a loudspeaker corner. An extensive collection of speakers from the brands Soundtube, Penton and Pan Acoustics can be tested here;
  • Different types of Clockaudio and Audix microphones are shown in the display cabinets. A suitable microphone can be found for each project.

Partners are welcome to gain inspiration and experience the products themselves. Additionally, Tau can provide trainings and workshops, both for sales staff and technicians.

Do you have a customer who still has some doubts about the right type of speaker, or who wants to experience the soft noise of a Sound Masking system himself? We are happy to facilitate you our showroom. If desired, input from one of our colleagues and a well organized lunch are available.


For booking the showroom, contact us at or +31(0)50 549 90 90.