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Perfect and functional sound for government

Tau has the right expertise to design sound systems for the national government, municipalities, provinces and water boards. Examples are a meeting room of the Council of State, Trêves room, council rooms, state room, meeting rooms, multifunctional rooms, small meeting rooms, meeting rooms, wedding room, workplaces, office spaces, public gallery and monumental buildings. A suitable and professional sound system is always needed at these types of locations. Tau is the specialist in the BeNeLux for supplying modern audio facilities that takes into account the acoustics in a particular room. The application is also examined; is it a meeting room in which debates are held, in particular meetings are held or where lectures are mainly held? The layout of the installation is then adjusted accordingly. Reliable sound systems are crucial for the business process.

Reliable sound system

For citizens, employees, councilors and officials, sound systems must function optimally and be easy to use. The government is also expecting good services for the hearing impaired. More and more often one or more counters, council rooms and possibly also the central hall are provided with a loop management system. Tau can also play an advisory role in European public procurement with regard to delivery, installation, maintenance, but also instructing audio systems. If you have a project with a government agency, Tau is happy to help you with that.

Multifunctional sound systems for government

Background music, in combination with a public address system, sound masking in connection with privacy or a multi-zone sound system? And this in combination with a user-friendly control? Tau is happy to advise you on making sound systems reliable, functional and also user-friendly.

Custom solutions

Because every project or business building is different, we often talk about custom sound solutions. The acoustics in rooms and the application of the room require a customized solution. Our audio solutions are precisely tailored to the wishes that suit each company and the corresponding budget. In the customized solutions we can even match the audio equipment to the interior. This so that the equipment is neatly concealed and it appears as a whole. Tau is happy to make a suitable design for your project so that the sound systems can be used for the desired applications.

Thanks to our many years of experience and our high-quality product portfolio, we offer the best solutions.

Consider the following products and applications:

  • Surface-mounted, recessed speakers and special speakers
  • IP audio systems (including IP, DANTE and AES67)
  • Wireless sound
  • Public address system
  • Evacuation installation
  • Background music
  • Foreground music
  • Sound for presentations
  • Meeting and discussion systems
  • Hearing loop systems for the hearing impaired
  • Microphone systems
  • Perfect sound for video conference
  • Intercom systems
  • Sound masking

Every industry deserves a suitable sound system

Tau Audio Solutions BV has been a successful wholesaler and supplier of audio and communication systems for more than twenty years. Tau has an enthusiastic team of audio specialists who are happy to think along with you to find the right solution together. In addition, we have almost all products in our portfolio in stock, so that we can quickly provide for projects. We are specialized in supplying and designing:

  • Hearing loop systems for the hearing impaired
  • Public address systems, sound systems for background music and foreground
  • Sound masking
  • Evacuation alarm systems, class A spoken word
  • Microphone systems and playback equipment
  • 19″ racks and accessories

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