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Audio players

What is an audio player?

An audio player can play sounds from, for example, CDs, DVDs, USB, SD, or MP3 files. There are also audio players that have radio, bluetooth, mini jack or network functionality. These are important choice options in the search for an appropriate audio player. For installations, it may be desirable that the audio player fits into a 19 inch cabinet.


In general, it is preferable to use an audio player as easily operable as possible. Audio players are widely used in, for example, classrooms, gyms and bars. This concerns public occasions where there are different people that use the audio player. This makes it important that everyone can work with it quickly and easily. Usually an audio player can be operated by using the buttons on the device itself or you can use the supplied remote control. The remote control generally has more functionalities.


As already noted, it might be important to check how the audio player is installed. Many audio players are supplied with a 19 inch case for easy and tidy storage in a 19 inch cabinet. Other audio players are provided with paws, for putting it away in a regular cabinet or on a shelf.

Knowing more?

Looking for an audio player that fits in your project? Tau Audio Solutions is happy to assist you. On our website you will find an overview of the audio players provided by Tau. Of course our employees are happy to assist. Start a chat, email or call us at 050 – 549 90 90.

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