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What is it?

In many situations, one-on-one communication is essential to providing a good service. However, it is always important to take the safety of employees into account. For example, in a gas station that is open 24/7, but has only limited occupation during the night, the use of safety screens may be desirable. In such cases, however, you want to be able to continue to communicate with the customer at the desk.


The intercom systems that Tau offers, fit perfectly in such situations. This includes applications at gas stations, municipalities, airports, money exchange offices, banks, sports facilities or public transport. Through the intercom system, communication between employee and customer remains possible despite the shielding of the glass. The various intercom systems offer different options in terms of microphones and loudspeakers on the side of the desk staff or the customer. For example, optional microphones are also available on the staff side that only work when a button is pressed. This helps to guarantee privacy. All intercom systems can also be expanded with a hearing loop management system.


There are different intercom systems available, each with a different installation method. This includes surface mounted or built-in loudspeakers and microphones. In addition, there are also solutions where the microphone is mounted on the glass for an elegant and uncluttered look of the counter. The microphones, loudspeakers and hearing loop are easily connected to the supplied amplifier. This is usually hidden underneath the counter.

Want to know more?

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