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Microphones are available for various applications. For example, a microphone for vocal or music instruments, a microphone in conference rooms, or a microphone for video conferencing. For each application, another type of microphone is needed to ensure the best sound quality.

Type of microphones

The application is important for the choice of the right microphone. There are several types of microphones such as wireless microphones, a boundary or hanging microphone, or, for example, a gooseneck microphone. In addition, it is important whether an omni directional microphone is needed or a uni directional microphone. An omni directional microphone captures the sound around, so from all sides. This application is common in, for example, conference rooms. With for example, live shows, it is more common to apply an uni directional microphone. These capture the sound specifically in the middle, so less ambient noise is caused.

Advice and contact

Tau will provide you with advice on the correct microphone for your application. Our website gives you an overview of the best-selling microphones, but if you have a special application, please ask the Tau staff for the possibilities. You can contact us by mail: or phone: 050 549 90 90.

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