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What is it?

A microphone serves to pick up a sound, such as broadcasting, singing or musical instruments, so that it can be processed by another device. This can be, for example, gain, EQ or routing. Microphones are therefore available for various applications. Think of recording texts, for radio or TV, a microphone for in meeting or conference rooms, or for instance, during video conferencing. Of course, we are all familiar with microphones for music events. A different type of microphone is needed for each application, so you are always assured of the best sound quality.


The application in particular is important when choosing the right microphone. Some types of microphone are wireless or installation microphones, hanging, boundary or boom microphones or for example a gooseneck. With all these types of different microphones, we therefore see many different types of environments where they are used. Examples are live shows, meeting rooms, churches, conference rooms, theater, and the hospitality business.


The correct installation of a microphone depends on the application. With a wireless microphone, the transmitter is usually placed in, for example, a 19” rack. A boundary microphone is concealed in a table, for instance, while suspended microphones are concealed in the ceiling. In addition, for example, a gooseneck microphone is placed on the table or is mounted on a desk.

Want to know more?

Tau is happy to provide you with advice on the right microphone for your application. Our website offers you an overview of the most sold microphones, but if you have a special application, feel free to contact the Tau staff for the possibilities. You can contact us via or +31 50 549 9090.