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What is it?

Tau has various network products in its range. These include switches, UPSs, routers and wireless solutions. All our network solutions are aimed at the AV market. We also increasingly see audio solutions that make use of the network. Consider, for example, Dante with which the audio is transmitted over the network from the source all the way to the speakers.


In many cases, network products offer the simple option of being operated via a web interface. This offers the advantage that the equipment can even be set up and managed remotely.


Installation of the network products is completely dependent on the equipment. Amplifiers, switches, UPS and routers are often neatly concealed in 19” racks. Loudspeakers are of course mounted in the right places (built-in or surface mounted) and are supplied with power via CAT cabling. As a result, it is no longer necessary to lay a loudspeaker cable. More and more new buildings are only carried out with CAT cabling, making it necessary to also run the audio solutions over the network.

Want to know more?

Looking for a suitable solution for a project? Tau can help with the design, configuration and putting the equipment into operation on site. We can also provide the (wireless) network to support the audio project. Contact us on +31 50 549 9090 or