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What is it?

These are 19″ racks, both wall mounted and freestanding models. Of the wall models, 2-section racks are also available, which can be opened at the rear for easy access to the back of the equipment. All racks have a 19″ profile. This allows 19″ equipment to be neatly concealed in a lockable rack. Various 19” accessories help achieving this. Consider covering the empty spaces with a blind or ventilation panel, for example. Or install an sliding shelf to place a keyboard on.


There are various racks available in the portfolio. The intermediate size of 15U is supplied for both the wall mounted models and the freestanding models. The freestanding racks have a depth of 600 millimetre, as a standard, with the exception of the 37U and 42U. With this height there is also the option to choose a depth of 800 or even 1000 millimetre. With the wall mounted racks there is a standard choice between a depth of 450 or 600 millimetre. The available heights are 6, 9, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27, 37 and 42 units.


The rack comes fully assembled as a standard with, depending on the size of the rack, some shelves or L-rail accessories. The rack has a smoked glass door, which is equipped with a lock and two keys. If desired, a lock can also be placed on the side panels. In addition, the wall mounted racks have a preparation for placing fans. These are available, optionally. The racks are supplied with both wheels and feet.

Want to know more?

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