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What is it?

A remote is a devices for controlling the audio installation. There are several types of remotes, such as a wall control, tablet control (iPad) or, for example, a fader. There is an appropriate solution for each type of project.

Types of remotes

Depending on the project, a type of remote is choosen. For example, at schools, canteens or waiting rooms, it is often desirable to keep the remote as simple as possible. There are often many people with different levels of knowledge that control the installation. To ensure that everyone can get along, there are only a few control options. This makes it easy to control the installation. Examples include wall panels with volume controllers and, for example, some output options.

Faders are often used in spaces where it may be desirable, due to for example acoustics, to apply more options. Examples are churches, lobbies or a small theater.

The operation by iPad actually offers a beautiful intermediate solution. You are able to choose your desired options which will be programmed into de remote. For the general user you keep the options limited, while the experts see an expanded view of the options.


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