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What is it?

A remote is a device for controlling the audio installation. There are several types of remotes, such as wall control, control via tablet (iPad) or, for example, via a fader control. There is an suitable solution for each type of project.


Depending on the project, a type of remote is chosen. In schools, canteens or waiting areas, for example, it is often desirable to keep the remote as simple as possible. There are often many people involved with different levels of knowledge that operate the installation. To ensure that everyone can use it, only a few control options are given. Examples of this are wall panels with volume controllers and, for example, some output options.

Faders are often used in rooms where more control is desirable for incoming and/or outgoing signals. Examples are churches, foyers or a small theatre. Using the ipad, a device can be operated via a web interface or special software.


Each type of remote has its own installation method. Many wall panels are mounted in or against the wall. A fader remote, on the other hand, is usually mounted in a rack with the optional rack mount kits or simply placed in a surface where it is easy to operate. An iPad can of course be used wirelessly so that in some cases it does not have a fixed location. However, as to not loose the tablet, it is often decided to also mount it on the wall, for example.

Want to know more?

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