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Depending on the project
There is a suitable speaker for every type of project. Is it about playing music, or are the speakers used for broadcasting only? Is it a project in the open air or, for example, a luxurious design lobby. In addition, acoustics are also important. A church usually produces a completely different sound than a small meeting room. These are the facets that play a part in the choice of a loudspeaker.
Type of speakers
Depending on the location and what kind of solutions is needed, a choice can be made on the type of speaker. Examples are the well-known ceiling-speakers, column- or horn-speakers. But there are also directional loudspeakers, with the sound focusing on one point.
Installation and advice
Depending on the type of project, the installation will be simple or more difficult. Tau can advise or possibly even guide the project and help set up the central equipment. More information is available at or 050 549 90 90.

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