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Tour guide

What is it?

For addressing larger groups of people who often do not work at the same location, for where there is a language difference or when the nuisance for the environment should be limited, it may be desirable to work with a tour guide system. The tour and translation systems have the additional advantage that listeners can determine their own sound level. As a result, they are assured of great intelligibility of the audio.


When choosing the right system, it is important to determine how it will be applied. Tour guide systems are often used in galleries, museums or, for example, during city walks. With a translation system, the number of languages ​​required must be looked at, among other things. In addition, the battery runtime must be sufficient for both systems. Think of a battery life of at least 8 hours. During busy periods, it may be possible that there is no time to recharge in the meantime. The tour guide sets must be easy to operate because they usually have different users. There are also 2-way systems available, which, for example, offer the possibility to also have visitors ask questions to the guide.


As a tour guide system is often used at different locations, it must be easy to transport. For example, there are chargers in the form of bags or cases so that the system can easily be taken along. By using a synchronization kit in the charger, it is also easy to change the frequency if the selected frequency is disturbed at a different location. The sets themselves need to be small and convenient, so users can easily put them in their pocket or, for example, clip them onto a belt or bag.

Want to know more?

Curious about the possibilities? Tau is happy to advise on the possibilities and applications of its Tour Guide systems. If desired, we can even give a demonstration during which the simplicity and convenience of the system can be tested. Contact us via or +31 50 549 9090 for more information.