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SoundTube FP6030-II

The SoundTube FP6030 II is a focus speaker with  a 30 inch parabolic dome. The speaker has a coverage angle of 45º and therefore ideal for usage in rooms where noise distraction is unwanted. Optional available are the motion detector and the LED light.

The speaker contains a twin 1 inch driver for mono at 4 ohm or stereo at 8 ohm. The best height for this speaker is about 45 to 60 centimeters above the public.


FP Series

The SoudTube FP6030-II is a focus speaker from the FP series. The focus speakers are special speakers that uses a parabolic dome. By using this dome it is possible to bundle the audio. The audio is provided by two small drivers that are located inside the pod.

Due to the small coverage angle it is possible to have audio in places where distraction are not welcome. Therefore you see a lot of these speakers inside musea, shops and schools. Usually they are installed above a screen.

The focus speakers can be optionally equipped with motion sensors. By using these motion sensors the audio will only play when it has detected movement underneath it. It is also possible to install a LED light inside the pod.

The speakers consist of a pod and a dome. The dome is made out of clear PETG and the pod is made from black ABS.

The SoundTube FP6030-II

The SoundTube FP6030-II is a 30 inch focus speaker. The 30 inch dome has a coverage angle of 45º. It is therefore possible to have up to 3 persons underneath the speaker. The speaker comes equipped with twin 1 inch drivers. It is possible to have mono at 4 ohm or stereo at 8 ohm. The RMS is 15 Watt with a SPL of 75 dB with 1 watt at 1 meter.

It is possible to connect the speaker to a 100 volt system. You would need the optional transformer for this. With this transformer it is possible to connect the speaker to low-Z, 25V, 70.7V and 100V systems.


To install the focus speaker you can use the provided hanging bracket. The best position for the speaker is about 45 to 60 centimeters above the public. To connect the speaker to the sound system you can use the provided 4,6 meter cable. This cable consist of 2 pairs cable for left and right audio and a CAT 5 cable for control and power.

The SoundTube FP6030-II summerized

  • 30 inch focus speaker
  • 45º coverage angle
  • Clear dome

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 78.11 × 78.11 × 33.27 cm

170 Hz – 22 kHz


4 Ohm, 8 Ohm


Black, Transparent

Rated power

15 W

SPL (1 Watt @ 1 Meter)

87 dB

Type luidspreker



5 year

Taric code


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