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WORK PRO WR 2200/1

The WR2200/1 from WORK PRO is a professional UHF Diversity two-channel wireless microphone system. The WORK PRO WR2200/1 is a set consisting of a receiver (WR2200) and two dynamic handheld microphones (WM 220). The receivers offers up to 200 different channels. The PLL system ensures great signal stability and makes the WR2200/1 ver suitable for live applications, touring or for conference rooms.



The WORK PRO WR2200/1 is a professional UHF Diversity two-channels wireless microphone system. The receiver (WR 2200) offers up to 200 channels (depending of the bandwidth). The PLL system ensures great signal stability, making the WR2200/1 very suitable for live applications, touring or for conference rooms.


IR-sync between receiver and the microphone. The synchornization between the receiver and microphones is very easy, it is only necessary to press the scan button in the receiver and both elements (receiver anda microphone) are linked via IR.

Handheld microphone

The WM220 handheld microphone is a dynamic microphone with a cardioid polar pattern. With continuous use, the microphone can last up to 8 hours. For this, the microphone uses 2x 1.5V (AA) batteries.


The receiver of the WR2200/1 is equipped with an LCD display. The LCD screen displays all necessary information: frequency, AF, RF and output gain level. With the buttons on the front of the receiver it’s possible to manually adjust the frequency, the tone squelch and scan free frequencies. The receiver has a balanced output on each channel and an unbalanced mix for both. The WR2200/1 has a frequency range of 610 – 640 MHz.

In addition to the WR2200/1, the WR2200/2 from WORK PRO is also available.

The WORK PRO WR220/1 summarized

  • Professional UHF Diversity 2-channel wireless microphone system
  • Frequency range: 610 – 640 MHz
  • Up to 200 different channels
  • IR synchronization between receiver and microphones
  • LCD display with AF, RF, gain and frequency information
  • Manual adjustment, free frequency scan and squelch level functions
  • Balanced and mix unbalanced outputs
  • Set consists of a receiver and two handheld microphones

Additional information


483 x 44 x 195 mm


610 – 640 MHz

Total channels



1.4 kg



Type microfoon



12dBuV (80dB S/N)