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Pan Acoustics in mosque Al Hijra

pan acoustics in mosque al hijra

Al Hijra (= the migration)

As early as the (19)70s a group of Moroccan Muslims was looking for a musalla (prayer room) in Leiden. At first, the group were granted usage of a space above a catering establishment. Here, they prayed and taught the Qur’an to children. Over a decade  later, the community had the opportunity to use an old church building at the Rembrandtstraat. Around 1982 this building, in 1979 destroyed by fire, was completely reconstructed to serve as a mosque. Due to lack of space and the need for modernisation, Al Hijra started building the current structure in 2014, based in southwest Leiden. The construction measures 2500 square meter and also contains a library, classrooms and conference room in the qubba (dome).


The prayer room in this new building had to be fitted with a sound system. The mosque wanted a high-quality sound reaching all over. This applied to the large prayer space for the men and on the adjacent balcony for the women. The most important part being: sound reaching everywhere equally. The sound would have to be audible seamlessly in standing position as well as kneeling down. Also, the distance to the mihrab (prayer niche) shouldn’t matter.


Pan Acoustics is known worldwide for the installations they [provided for – furnished with] in several mosques. Al Hijra read their recommendations and wanted to work with Pan Acoustics. They then referred them to Tau. Star telecom (active in electrical installations in Leiden) took care of the installation. Al Hijra expresses their satisfaction over the collaboration with Tau and Star Telecom and the performance of Pan Acoustics’ sound system.

The 35 meters deep space called for large steerable columns speakers, so the sound beam can be pointed exactly where needed. Someone from the community welded two T-frames. On each frame a Pan Beam 16 speaker was placed, directly to the left and right from the wainscoting on the qibla wall (facing Mecca). Entirely to the right and left two Pan Beam 04 speakers were installed to improve the coverage. Further, the imam got a white Pan Beam 04 monitor speaker inside the mihrab, so he can hear himself. On the balcony three Pan Beam 04 speakers were placed. In the control room a Pan Splitter was installed, making it possible to control and manage each zone separately.

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Al Hijra about Tau:

“Tau Audio has provided us with good service. They kept in touch with us throughout the whole project.”