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Ashly in the Dutch Open Air Museum

the Canon of Dutch History in the Dutch Open Air Museum

Dutch Open Air Museum

In Arnhem, the Dutch Open Air Museum offers its visitors a unique view into Dutch history. With true stories, authentic buildings and original objects, the evolution of the country is depicted and its inhabitants are brought to life. The museum guides its visitors through history and offers a variety of attractions and activities.

Canon of Dutch History

The museum recently opened a new attraction, the Canon of Dutch History. Inside a large dome, using innovative audio visual technology, a journey through time is created, consisting of ten different periods. The visitors walk through spectacular ‘film sets’, created from fragments of historic buildings and objects. Going through this historic landscape, visitors are being shown an interactive presentation by means of displays. It’s a mix of digital media and authentic objects. This exposition was constructed in collaboration with Rapenburg Plaza, specialists in lighting and audio-visual design and ShowControl. To get an impression of this remarkable project, you can watch this video.

Ashly Audio

For the ambitious project in the Dutch Open Air Museum, Rapenburg Plaza uses a system consisting of 44 Ashly Audio amplifier channels with onboard DSP. Several uniquely shaped screens occupy every zone, each with a KEF Ventura (4 or 6) speaker. All speakers are powered by an Ashly nXp1504 amplifier. These amplifiers each produce 4x 150 Watts and contain onboard DSP. Additionally, four Yamaha VXS10ST subwoofers provide extra bass where needed. The subwoofers are powered by an Ashly Pema 4250.10 amplifier, producing 4x 250 Watts at 100 Volts. The amplifiers also have a powerful onboard matrix DSP.

In this project, there was no need for high-power amplifiers and that’s exactly the reason why Ashly’s products were chosen. The company doesn’t produce high-power amplifiers only, but also fully-featured low-power systems. This provides exactly the flexibility needed for a low impedance setup. Thus, a budget-friendly solution was found, without unused extra output. Furthermore, the XP 1504 measures only 1 RU. This means that the device doesn’t take up much space and can be integrated perfectly with the other show control gear. Ashly’s open network protocol contributes to the convenience and usability of the equipment in this project.

Every project deserves a fitting audio solution

Tau has an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, who are happy to help you select the right product mix. They can also help with the design and installation of the project, to ensure a fitting solution. In Tau’s showroom the possibilities and sound quality of the audio products of Ashly can be experienced. In addition, Tau has almost all Ashly’s products in stock, as well as the other brands from its portfolio, to quickly provide you with the products you need for your project. Also looking for an appealing audio solution? Or do you have a project that you would like to be carried out by one of the Tau dealers? Get in touch via contact form or 050 549 9090.