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A beautiful, new audio installation with a tangle of cables that prevents you from seeing the woods for the trees? That needs improvement! Avoid confusion and have all audio equipment neatly installed in a 19” rack.

Good riddance

The assembly of products in a 19″ racks is precision work. If the cables at the rear of an audio installation are a big mess, afterwards it can often be a long search among all cables for the right connections. Suppose that every time maintenance or changes are carried out to the system, it is necessary to find out which cable leads to which device again. What a waste of time! Tau Audio Solutions BV offers the possibility to have all equipment assembled in one of our 19″ freestanding or wall mounted racks. The rack is neatly furnished with the equipment ordered from Tau. Any other devices, such as for video, can be sent to us or added on location, in consultation. The installation is then neatly finished by means of the 19” rack accessories from the Tau product portfolio. For example, empty spaces are neatly covered by vented and blank panels and non-19” compatible equipment is given a place by means of panels or on a fixed or sliding shelve. If desired, Tau can provide extra locks, so that there is no unauthorized access possible to the contents of the rack. The accessories have the same matte black colour as the racks; this way Tau delivers a safe and neatly presented unit.

Save time – let Tau handle the assembly

Not enough time to arrange a neat assembly for a project yourself? No worries, Tau is happy to take the work off your hands. Go easy on yourself and request an assembly from Tau now. Tau has various sizes of racks and the accessories in stock as a standard. Want even easier access to the wiring in a wall mounted rack? Tau also supplies various double section racks from T-racks. These double hinged racks can also be opened at the rear, so that you can easily reach the wiring at the back of the equipment. Are you, as an end user, looking for a fully assembled rack? Tau has a service department with an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, they are happy to assist you by telephone. We can also be reached via contact form for all requests and queries. Tau can be reached by telephone on workdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM on +31 50 549 9090.