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Business hall

An audio installation for a safe working environment

In a warehouse, distribution centre, workplace, business hall or, for example, a factory hall, an audio installation for background music, broadcasting or evacuation is indispensable. The music creates a pleasant atmosphere and the necessary extra work vitamins, so everyone works with pleasure. A central audio installation offers many benefits. Personal audio players can cause hearing damage and portable radios can cause nuisance among the workers. Also, the audio is no longer manageable and unsafe situations can arise if music is turned up too much. A functional, central audio installation therefore not only brings a good atmosphere, but also safety and clarity.

Interference-free radio in the workplace using an internet radio

The trend for audio installations in business halls or offices is an internet radio. Internet radios are not affected by interference and they provide access to more radio stations than ever before. Most internet radios are easy to operate with an app on the smartphone, tablet or through a browser. Tau also offers possibilities for multi-zone systems. This makes it possible to choose for example Radio 10 in the office and Radio 538 in the workplace. In addition, the multi-zone system offers the advantage that a separate volume can be chosen in the various spaces. This is often desirable because of the tumult in a factory hall and the relatively much quieter office spaces. Tau offers the best audio installations for industrial halls!

Tailored solutions

No two industrial halls are the same. That is why every audio installation is unique and tailored to the wishes of each company. The solutions are custom-made based on the relevant project and budget. Depending on the location, for example, solutions are possible in which a lot of speakers are placed for good coverage, but there are also speakers that can provide 500 m2 with audio each. There are also additional options for  signaling break times and changing shifts, for example. This makes the audio installations extra functional and complete. The following products and options are possible, for instance:

• Surface mounted, built-in and special loudspeakers
• Hemidirectional loudspeakers
• IP audio systems (like IP, DANTE and AES67)
• Wireless sound
• Public address systems
• Evacuation systems
• Background music installations
• Foreground music installations
• Internet radio for interference-free radio

Every industry deserves a suitable sound system

Tau Audio Solutions BV has been a successful wholesaler and supplier of audio and communication systems for over twenty years. Tau has an enthusiastic team of experienced audio specialists who are happy to advise you and find the right solution together. In addition, Tau has virtually all products in our portfolio in stock, to quickly provide in projects. Tau is specialised in supplying and designing:

• Induction loop systems for hearing aid users
• Public address systems, audio installations for background and foreground music
• Evacuation systems, class A spoken word
• Microphone systems and playback equipment
• 19 “racks and accessories

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