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Commissioning on site

The commissioning of audio equipment must be done accurately so that the best result is achieved. For optimum performance of the sound system, there must be good coverage of the sound. Certainly with public address systems or evacuation systems it is necessary to create perfect intelligibility, especially in the case of an emergency situation. The correct commissioning of the central equipment is of great importance. After all, it is a shame if an installation is not used to the maximum or if the best sound quality is not enjoyed. With sound masking and loop management systems, commissioning must also be carried out accurately for correct operation.

Optimal audio installation

The technicians of Tau Audio Solutions BV have the knowledge, materials and experience to put every type of sound system into perfect operation in every situation, as an extension for installers. By extensively testing and performing measurements, such as an STI measurement or a test measurement of a loop management system, they check whether the desired values ​​and coverage are achieved. Our experts then, if necessary, adjust the settings so that the optimum result is achieved. If desired, the sound equipment can also be delivered fully assembled in one of our neat, black 19 ”patch cabinets. This means we take the work completely out of your hands. Ideal now that in these busy times sometimes more projects come in than fit in the schedule.

Let Tau commission the central equipment

Busy planning and hands too short in your project? Do you therefore not have the time and opportunity to carry out the commissioning yourself? Tau is happy to assist its regular partner network! We connect the central equipment ordered from Tau for you and put it into operation, so that you can focus on something else in the meantime. Sufficient time is available for yourself, but is there a need for a specialist to look along? Then our technicians are happy to visit the customer location to jointly achieve the optimum result of the sound system. Is improvement of the product knowledge already present or need to increase the skill in applying the audio equipment from Tau’s product portfolio? Then follow a training course from us, so that all your employees have the right knowledge and skills. Ask? Would you like more information about the options? Tau has a service department with an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, they are happy to assist you by telephone. Tau’s telephone support is available on workdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM on +31 50 549 9090. We are also available via contact form.