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Maintenance and service

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Unfortunately, malfunctions are not always preventable, but they can be kept to a minimum. The operation, value and lifespan of the system are better guaranteed through regular maintenance. This also avoids costly repairs. So make sure to have maintenance carried out, regularly and in a professional manner!

A fitting maintenance contract for every situation

For most installations, Tau recommends that maintenance be carried out annually. Tau offers its regular dealer network the option to take care of the maintenance of their customers audio systems. Our technicians can perform preventive maintenance on, among others:

  • evacuation systems
  • public address systems
  • intercom systems
  • induction loop systems
  • audio installations
  • Sound Masking systems

In addition to maintenance, we can also assist our dealers in the event of a malfunction. Read more about the importance of maintenance and the content of the various maintenance sessions here. You can enter a maintenance contract with Tau at any given time. No maximum age of the audio equipment is taken into account when entering into the maintenance contract. Defective products can be offered according to Tau’s RMA procedure. During this procedure, the warranty for the defective equipment is checked. Within the warranty, the equipment will be repaired or, if necessary, replaced as quickly as possible. If the warranty has expired, the possibility and costs of repairing or possibly replacing the equipment will be considered in consultation.

Let Tau take care of your maintenance

No maintenance required (yet), but are there questions about n audio installation? Tau Audio Solutions BV has a service department with an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, they are happy to assist you by telephone! Are you a Tau dealer and do you need to outsource maintenance for specific audio projects? In Tau you will find a reliable partner who can respond quickly! Contact us to use our service. Are you, as an end user, looking for a party that can advise you and provide maintenance solutions? Then Tau will happily put you in touch with our partners.

Each location and audio installation is unique. Tau offers its dealers the form of maintenance contract that suits them. In the contract we make joint decisions about the service level agreement and we offer the perfectly fitting solution. Tau’s telephone support is available on workdays between 8:30 AM and 17:00 PM on +31 50 549 9090. The customized maintenance advice can be requested by telephone, or request a free quote.