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Available now, Clockaudio CW 8000 and CW 8001

CW 8000 en CW 8001, nieuwe draadloze microfoons van Clockaudio banner

Available in Tau’s portfolio as of now: the two new wireless microphones from Clockaudio, the CW 8000 and the CW 8001. Due to the use of the latest wireless Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) technology, LCX circuit design technology, antenne boost power output and providing smooth frequency response, these microphone systems offer fantastic performance. The various smart, advanced functions, like six programmable user groups, adjustable squelch level and an automatic scan function, which searches for available frequencies, deliver great convenience and ease of use.

Microphone systems

The CW 8000 and CW 8001 are both equipped with an RF REMOSET function, simplifying set up. Simply pushing the button will instantly pair the microphone/transmitter and the receiver. There are up to 3000 selectable frequencies across a 60 – 75MHz bandwidth, which allows for multi system application. Thanks to the PLL system offers up to 480 meters of operation distance!

With microphone or belt pack transmitter

The two models consist of a receiver with either a handheld radio microphone or belt pack transmitter. Both models are equipped with ‘lock-on’ function, preventing unauthorised or accidental use and RF interruption. The antenna of the CW 8000, this is the model with the microphone, is neatly hidden away and the microphone can be used with replaceable condenser or dynamic capsules. The CW 8001, the model with the transmitter, is compatible with guitar cables and various vocal and instrument microphones due to the 4 pin XLR connector. The transmitter is furnished with a CL 6 condenser microphone. At 50Mw, the microphone as well as the transmitter can be used for seven hours and the battery life at 10Mw is an impressive twelve hours!

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