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Induction Loop


In public places it is important that facilities are made for disabled people. People with hearing impairments belong to this group. Induction loops offers people with bad hearing the opportunity to listen to the speaker through his or her hearing aid. Induction loop is used in, for example, churches or courts in larger spaces. However, it may also be desirable to apply an induction loop to, for example, the pharmacy’s office. The hearing impaired is then insured of a good and clear understanding of the pharmacist while he does not have to raise his voice which will benefit the privacy.

How it works

A sound signal is passed through a wire by an amplifier. The wire is applied as a loop in the room or around the counter, for example under the floor or along the wall. The sound is sent to the hearing aid by induction.

Advice and contact

With more than 20 years of experience, Tau is the specialist in the field of induction loops. In addition to providing information and hardware, it is also possible to conduct a test measurement by one of our employees. Contact us at or 050 549 9090.

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