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Induction Loop

What is it?

In public places it is important that provisions are made for the disabled. Hearing aid users belong to this group. Induction loop systems offer  hearing aid users the opportunity to listen to the talking person through his or her hearing aid.


When a speaker talks into the microphone, that signal is also distributed by the induction loop amplifier over a induction loop. This loop generates a magnetic field that can be received by the the hearing aid users by putting their hearing aid in the T-coil position. Induction loop systems are used in larger spaces, like churches or courts. If desired, a low-spil system can be used for privacy reasons, so the magnetic field remains limited and cannot leave the room. However, it may also be desirable to use a loop management system at the counter of, for example, a pharmacy. This way, the hearing aid user is ensured of the pharmacist’s well and clear understanding, without having to raise their voice, which is great in connection to privacy.


When placing a induction loop system in larger spaces, the loop is usually concealed within the floor. This option is usually only chosen for new construction, because the concrete still has to be poured. It is also possible to work with copper tape, which, because of the flat shape, can easily be concealed under carpet, for example. In such situations we often see that the induction loop amplifier(s) are neatly concealed in a 19” rack, by means of a rack mount kit.

Different options are possible with counter systems. For example, the loop can be pulled under or above the counter, or applications can be designed where the loop is processed inside the counter. The induction loop amplifier is usually also neatly concealed under the counter so it is not visible.

Want to know more?

With more than 20 years of experience, Tau is the specialist in the field of induction loop systems. In addition to the aforementioned applications, Tau can also offer solutions for hearing aid users by means of infrastructure or wireless sets. Feel free to submit your project to us, we are happy to help. In addition to providing information and delivering hardware, it is also possible to have a test measurement carried out by one of our employees. Contact us via or +31 50 549 9090.