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STI Measurements

Speech intelligibility is very important in certain projects, such as evacuation systems, public address installations or Sound Masking systems. Because good speech intelligibility can even save lives in some situations, it is very important to perform an STI measurement in advance.

Good speech intelligibility is of vital importance

Sound installations for evacuation and broadcasters are used in, among other places, places of worship, hospitality, offices, greenhouses, courts, retail, stations, airports and care institutions. Wherever it is important or even critical to be able to communicate clearly with those present, for example in the case of an emergency. In connection to safety, it is of great importance in evacuation systems and public address systems that announcements are clearly audible everywhere on site. Speech intelligibility is checked by measuring the Speech Transmission Index, STI for short. Following the measurement, the correct sound level can be figured out and the perfect settings of the audio equipment determined. In addition, STI measurements are also performed for the correct adjustment of Sound Masking systems. After all, the Sound Masking must be set so it works optimally. Only that way, the privacy of your visitors can be guaranteed and the concentration of your employees can be safeguarded.

Let Tau perform an STI measurement on site

The audio experts at Tau Audio Solutions BV have all the necessary equipment and thorough knowledge for performing STI measurements. Our technicians regularly set off for our regular partner network to assess whether an audio installation at the customer location meets the necessary requirements. In addition, we are regularly hired for the correct adjustment of a Sound Masking installation. Are you, as an end user, looking for a party that can perform an STI measurement? Then Tau will be happy to put you in touch with one of our dealers. Questions about the STI measurement? Tau has a service department with an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, they are happy to assist you by telephone. For these and other questions we are also available via contact form. Tau’s telephone support is available on workdays between 8:30 AM and 5:00 PM on +31 50 549 9090.