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What is it?

Amplifiers are subdivided into mixer amplifiers and power amplifiers. With mixer amplifiers, before the signal is amplified, another processing of the audio takes place, such as adjusting the treble and/or bass. This is desirable if no further amplifier is used. When a preamplifier is used, no further audio has to be edited before it is amplified. A power amplifier is ideal in this situation.


The choice for the right amplifier depends, among other things, on the application. Is it a music installation or, for example, a simple public address system. For a basic public address system, often simple loudspeakers are also chosen. As a result, an extensive amplifier will not deliver the optimum result since the loudspeakers cannot handle this. It is therefore wise, also because of the costs, to opt for a simple amplifier in such a case. Vice versa, the same applies, of course. Amplifiers are used in almost all situations, for example audio solutions in churches, offices, warehouses, care institutions, and the hospitality industry.


Most amplifiers are supplied in a 19″ variant or can be ordered with separately available brackets so that the amplifier can be made suitable for placing it inside a 19″ rack. This way, the amplifier is neatly concealed. The amplifier is the heart of the audio installation. By looking at how many inputs are connected to the amplifier, like microphones and audio sources, the type of amplifier can be determined. In addition, the outputs must be considered; usually the loudspeakers. Most amplifiers in the audio market are 100 Volts amplifiers, but low-ohmic amplifiers are also available, depending on your project.

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