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What is it?

Loudspeakers come in various sizes and shapes. There is a suitable loudspeaker for every type of project. Is it, for example, about playing music, or are the loudspeakers only used for broadcasting? Is it a project in the open air or, for instance, in a luxurious design foyer? In addition, acoustics are also important. A church usually produces a very different sound than a small meeting room. These are the facets that play a role in choosing a loudspeaker.


Depending on the location and the way in which the loudspeakers are used, a choice can be made from the type of loudspeaker. Examples are the well-known surface-mounted and built-in loudspeakers, column or horn loudspeakers, but also, for example, the directional loudspeakers where  sound is specifically aimed at one point. The loudspeakers are controlled by a suitable amplifier and sound source. The application is of course also important here to select the correct amplifier and source as well. Loudspeakers can be found in almost each application. Think of churches, airports, stations, catering, retail, warehouses, greenhouses, offices, healthcare institutions and more.


Depending on the type of project, the installation will be simple or difficult. Suspending an omnidirectional loudspeaker in a large industrial hall requires a different approach than placing a number of built-in loudspeakers in an office space. In addition, there are loudspeakers that are connected to the network (often Dante).

Want to know more?

Every location is unique in terms of acoustics and design. As a result, no solution is the same and this is the reason that such an extensive range of loudspeakers is available. Both for installation and touring. Need help with your project? Tau can give advice or possibly even supervise the project and help put the central equipment into operation. More information can be requested via or +31 50 549 9090.