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Audix MG18

The MG18 is a gooseneck microphone With a length of 570 millimetres and part of the MG series. This semi-flexible, black microphone has a cardiod polar pattern and an XLR connector.

This microphone is ideal for use during presentations, (video) teleconferences and meetings. The MG18 can also be used in, among others, counceling chambers, courtrooms and on pulpits and podiums.

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Audix MG18 microphone

The Audix MG18 is the largest microphone in the MG series. This gooseneck microphone is equipped with ..cardioid pattern and is very good at isolating the voice of the speaker from ambient noise.

Excellent quality and flexibility

Due to the double preamp circuits, in the capsule and at the XLR connector, the circuit of the microphone is balanced and isolated against unwanted noises, like a hum. The microphone is also protected against RF interference from mobile devices, for example. Lastly, the included windscreens make sure that sudden sounds and breathing noise are blocked. All of this contributes to the MG18 microphone reproducing natural sound, with excellent sound quality and clarity. The microphone is semi-flexible. This means that the central part of the gooseneck consists of an aluminium tube and above and beneath it, it is possible to move the gooseneck. Because of this, it’s easy for the speaker to adjust the microphone to the right distance and desired position for a correct and comfortable posture.

Sturdy, discreet and versatile

Due to the brass housing, the MG18 is very sturdy. The low profile, matte black design makes this microphone ideal for use during presentations, (video) teleconferences and meetings. In addition, the microphone can very well be used in counceling chambers, courtrooms and on pulpits and podiums.

Long, longer, longest

Need other lengths than the 570 millimetres of the MG18? In the Audix MG series, two more gooseneck microphones with cardioid polar pattern are offered. The MG12 has a length of 415 millimetres and the MG15 is 480 millimeter lang. In addition, the MG12HC, MG15HC and MG18HC are available, these have a hypercardioid polar pattern. This polar pattern is more directionally sensitive than the cardioid pattern, but also even better at blocking ambient noise.

Install as desired

A flange mount comes with the MG18 as a standard, with which the microphone can be mounted to a flat surface, like a table. It is also possible to put the microphone on the optional ATS10 table standard, or the ATS1 table standard with programmable switch. Lastly, there are two table standards with remote logic function: the ATS1LP, with rotatable phoenix connector, and the ATS1LX, with rotatable XCR connector. For extra stability, the SMT1218R, with rubber isolated shock mount, can be used to keep the microphone in place.

Audix MG18 summarised

  • Cardioid gooseneck microphone
  • Semi-flexible
  • Length 570 millimetres (22.4 inch)
  • Matte black
  • Made of brass
  • XLR connector

Additional information




60 Hz – 19 kHz


1 year


150 ohm balanced





Type microfoon


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