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SoundTube in nature park Zwin

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Sound in quiet surroundings

In a nature park there can be a need for the possibility to deliver information to visitors, through sound. But how can peacefulness in nature be preserved? And when multiple visitors want to use interactive screens with sound, how can interference between them be prevented?

Use the SoundTube focus loudspeaker

The FP6030-II of SoundTube provides the perfect solution. These focus loudspeakers, also called sound showers, project a beam of sound downward. This way, the sound is aimed at a specific spot, without causing disturbance to the close surroundings. Because of this, the loudspeakers don´t cause interference between each other, but also keep the natural surroundings from being disturbed. The intelligibility is excellent for the person standing underneath the transparent dome. In nature park Zwin, these loudspeakers are combined with interactive, informative screens. Thus providing an educational experience for the public, without causing any noise hindrance in nature.

Welcome to the international airport for birds

Nature park Zwin is the nature attraction along the Belgian coast. The park puts durable management of natural capital above all else and provides shelter to many bird species. Close to the visitor centre, new cabins have emerged recently. Inside, Ocular built constructions, consisting of three interactive screens and  focus loudspeakers. On these screens, visitors can use a touch application, designed by Ocular, to listen to sounds from the various bird species that live in the area. In the entire park, but also in these cabins, nature and its residents take the centre stage.

Dazzling audiovisual shows

Looking for a creative, interactive experience for your public? Installation partner Ocular, based in Belgian Zwevezele, collaborates with its customers, starting from the first innovative ideas up to the meticulously finished execution. They like to deliver a surprising, informative experience, in an unforgettable mix of image, sound, light and special effects.

Every project deserves a fitting audio solution

Tau has an enthusiastic team of audio specialists, who are happy to help you select the right product mix. They can also help with the design and installation of the project, to ensure a fitting solution. In Tau’s showroom, the possibilities and sound quality of the focus loudspeakers and other audio equipment can be experienced. In addition, Tau has almost all SoundTube products in stock, as well as the other brands from its portfolio, to quickly provide you with the products you need for your project. Also looking for an appealing audio solution? Or do you have a project that you would like to be carried out by one of the Tau dealers? Get in touch via contact form or 050 549 9090.


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